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Sign the Petition: People Before Drug Companies

Sign the Petition: People Before Drug Companies

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These days it’s harder than ever for a family to even survive, let alone thrive. With rising childcare costs, stagnant wages, and fewer and fewer investments in our communities, the average family struggles just to get by. Meanwhile, a secure retirement is in jeopardy for many Americans. As we continue the fight to expand our country’s most successful anti-poverty program – Social Security – we must generate revenue to fund such essential investments.

So what if I told you that big pharmaceutical companies are raking in record profits yet avoiding paying their fair share of taxes? Well, enough is enough. There is something we can do about it!

Sign here to hold big pharmaceutical companies accountable. Add your name now!

Last year, nearly 20% of the US population – 35 million people – did not fill a prescription because they could not afford it. At the same time, companies like Pfizer – one of the country’s wealthiest drug companies – had $140 billion in untaxed profits stashed offshore. There is something we can do about it.

Sign here to tell Congress to put people before drug companies!