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Grasssroots Ambasadors

Grasssroots Ambasadors

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Check out 2013-2016 GA Trainings/Convening Reports

Since 2013 CCC has coordinated the Grassroots Ambassadors Program, a leadership development program with the purpose of providing tools for grassroots organizations to more effectively recruit, train and engage grassroots leaders who are organizing for economic justice in their communities.

Grassroots Ambassadors are volunteer community leaders committed to taking part in the democratic process by becoming effective peer organizers, issues advocates and organizational spokespeople that educate the public on the importance of our various economic justice issues. Grassroots ambassadors make a commitment to work with their grassroots organizations and CCC to develop their own work plans, identify their strengths and areas for growth, participate in local campaign meetings and trainings, publish earned media (including LTEs and op-eds), share their stories, engage in rapid response and local actions, assist in campaign strategy, participate in regional trainings and other coordinated activities (such as national learning calls and webinars).


2013-2016 GA Trainings/Convening Reports:


* June 2016 Grassroots Ambassadors retreat in Seattle

* Grassroots Ambassadors Core Team gathers in North Carolina

* Midwest Grassroots Ambassadors gather in Des Moines


* Final Grassroots Ambassadors training of the year takes place in Minneapolis

* Powerful Grassroots Ambassadors Gathering in Seattle brings together leaders from MT and WA

* Montgomery training brings together leaders from Missouri and Alabama

* Cincinnati Grassroots Ambassadors Training

* New Orleans training brings together Ambassadors from Louisiana, North Carolina and the DC area

* Grassroots Ambassadors Core Team convenes for first time in the Bronx

* Successful Grassroots Ambassadors trainings brings together leaders from New Hampshire and Maine


* Final Grassroots Ambassadors training of 2014 takes place in Virginia

* New and old Grassroots Ambassadors come together at Spokane training

* Iowa/Minnesota Grassroots Ambassadors Training

* New Hampshire and Missouri Ambassadors Trainings first of 2014


* High energy at national Retirement Security convening

* Montana Grassroots Ambassadors training concludes with rally at Congressman’s office

* NE Ambassadors Training in Maine – July 29-31, 2013

* Midwest Grassroots Ambassadors training wraps up with raucus Macy’s action

* Grassroots Ambassador Training – June 21-23 in Raleigh, NC
* Iowa Grassroots Ambassadors Training 

* Successful Northwest Grassroots Ambassadors Training