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Montana Grassroots Ambassador joins MHAction North Dakota Training

Montana Grassroots Ambassador joins MHAction North Dakota Training

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On February 25-28, 2105, MHAction community leaders Jesse Martinez from Massachusetts and Richard Robinson from Utah, Montana Organizing Project’s grassroots ambassador Marsha Schumacher, and the Center for Community Change’s Don Elmer led an intensive cross leadership training in Williston, North Dakota.

Here is what they were able to accomplish:

  • Trained local community leaders on a vast array of social and economic justice issues so we can better understand the forces at play that are affecting our lives.
  • Put together local plans and commitments around the development of local Home Owners Associations in order to increase communication among homeowners and build our power.
  • Met with the Mayor of Williston and City Council Members and County level elected officials on important policy protections that can be put in place to protect our families from unscrupulous community owners and protect the availability of affordable housing in the Williston area.

We’re looking forward to more opportunities to bring Grassroots Ambassadors and MHAction leaders together in the coming year.

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